An afternoon on the Pfaueninsel near Berlin

Peacocks, peacocks! Peacocks everywhere.
The Pfaueninsel (literally Peacock’s Island!) in the Wannsee near Berlin is a charming island with lots to see and discover. Wanderlust, anyone?

First thing you will notice, is the white, tiny palace overlooking the lake. The schloss, as kitsch as it might appear at first sight, was actually built in 1791. The fact that the wooden exterior has actually patterns of brick stone painted on the facade, adds to the tackiness. But I like it! It’s something one would expect in an amusement park.

Walking to the other end of the insel, you will come across an abundance of flowers, special trees and.. peacocks. Don’t forget to visit the aviaries, located in the heart of the island.
What to expect furthermore? Immaculated spots to picnic, picturesque vistas over the Wannsee, a ruin or two and most of all: The liberating feeling of being far, far away from Berlin.

Sometimes, that’s a good thing.

Here’s how to get there:
After you got out at the Wannsee station, walk along the lake towards the Pfaueninsel. You will pass the imposing Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz – that’s right: The idyllic villa where the Nazis agreed on the solution to end the Jewish problem. Take a stroll through the garden (it’s free!) and you will probably ask yourself the same question I did: How on earth can people draw such an awful plan, while being surrounded by such splendid nature?

About half an hour walking distance from the villa, you will arrive at the ferry stop. That’s right: there is no bridge, which means no cars on the island! The ferry will bring you to the other side in about 20 seconds, making it about the shortest public transport route in Berlin.

S7 from Alexanderplatz to Wannsee
The ferry takes you to the island and back, daily from 9:00 to 18:00