An Evening at Restaurant Fleischlust in Prenzlauer Berg

Since I met Christiane, I have found myself a beacon in the darkness of the obscure gourmet city that is Berlin. restaurant fleischlustTonight, I asked her for a reccommendation on a good steak restaurant. I was advised to try restaurant Fleischlust, in Prenzlauerberg.

We were greeted by two very friendly waiters, who gave us a perfect seat at the window at Fleischlust. The lighting was perfect, the background music not too loud and the temperature was just right. After performing a quick-scan on the menu, we had to admit that we were impressed by the extent of the menu. Unlike others, Fleischlust really offers an array of dishes.

My friend went for the rinderfliet with a salad, I settled for the Huftsteak with baked potatoes, aioli-curry humus and wine-honey sauce. The meat was just right: certainly not too bloody, not too dry and not too thick. You can tell that they are using perfect meat by the way the knife would cut into the steak – at first, the meat resisted a bit, but once you got through the outer layer, the knife would simply slide in.

A fine steak at restaurant Fleischlust
The baked potatoes could have done with a bit of seasoning and salt, but they were not too fat, which is an accomplishment by itself. My friend’s rinderfilet was a bit too rare for his taste. This was no problem at all: with a smile, the waiter told him that he would be happy to ‘give the rinderfilet a few more minutes on the lava stone’. Upon return, the filet was exactly how he likes it. Now that’s service!
After dinner, we felt like having something sweet. Maybe something with fruit or chocolates? Alas, this was not possible, as Fleischlust has no desert menu!  Truly a pity.

Conclusion: Fleischlust is a lovely restaurant that works with fine ingredients and good staff. The meat is worth to come back for and the ambiance is relaxed and welcoming. Once the menu includes deserts, I will be a very satisfied, returning customer.

Restaurant Fleischlust in Prenzlauer Berg
Pappelallee 36
10437 Berlin
Daily opened from 16:00 – 02:00