Gianni Gillone Pasta Bar: a hint of Tuscany in Berlin

It’s not necessarily a bad sign when my review is published without pictures…: usually, it means that the food simply demanded all my attention. Gianni Gillone Pasta bar Berlin is an Italian restaurant where you don’t need to talk with your hands – it’s all about the superb pasta.

Image by Matt Banks ( friend and I went for two big plates of good old fashioned Spaghetti Bolognese. The owner and his wife made us feel welcome right away, both slaving away with passion in their tiny kitchen.

After enjoying the delicious garlic bread, two steaming hot plates with pasta bolognese arrived with just the right amount of grated cheese sprinkled on top. We were dealing with connoisseurs here! You could taste each and every ingredient without loosing the total composition of traditional Italian elements. The olive oil was rich and creamy, the oregano tasted as if it were reaped from the fields around Florence just hours ago, the meat tasted pure. To put it short: we were in Florence. Don’t let the modest interior fool you: Gianni Gillone Pasta Bar Berlin is worth the detour. For those of you in a hurry: yes, you can also order their meals as take-away!

Gianni Gillone Pasta Bar & Italienische Feinkost
Schönhauser Allee 186A
10119 Berlin
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