Jim Block: Review of the hamburger

Yesterday, I was invited to the press conference of Jim Block im Bikini in the West of Berlin. In the first part of this triptych, I conducted an interview with the chief of the Jim Block chain. Today, I am discussing the fresh meal that was presented to me after the interview: the infamous Caeasar Hamburger.

Jim Block Hamburgers special part 2

Even though it was just me and a fellow blogger who were treated to a menu of choice, I did feel that the business has a very welcoming atmosphere of its own. It simply does not feel like a fast food restaurant. For about € 7, you can really justify the trip to this hamburger restaurants, as you will be guaranteed of a well-filled stomach and quite a satisfied feeling afterwards.

Since we are talking about fast food after all, I want to get right down to the hard facts. Let’s rate from 1 to 5, where 1 stands for horrible, 5 equals fantastic.

Jim Block, Zoologischer Garten in Berlin

Presentation: 5. Simple, American style yet instead of using a flat plate, Jim Block opted for a plate with a higher edge. Looks better, feels better – and it prevents you from creating a mess on their tables. Clever!
French fries: 4. Crispy, not too hard and not too weak on the inside. Could do with shorter fries, but that’s more a matter of personal aesthetics.
Bread buns: 5. I had no idea you could make the bread buns taste this good. Need to have their recipe.
Lettuce salad: 3. Leafs are fine, tomatoes a bit bland and watery. Then again: it’s just a filler
The Caesar Hamburger in all its glory!The Hamburger: 5. The only interesting part of the review. Jim Block knows their meat. Texture with a good bite, thick but not too thick, not greasy nor fatty (bonus point here!) and most of all: the herbs and spices that were used to season the meat. De-li-ci-ous! I really appreciated the ginger and chili, it made the burger stand out from the crowd, without trying to be something more exotic than just a good piece of meat.

CONCLUSION: Yes, Jim Block will be a tough competitor for the likes of Burgermeister, Burgeramt and The Bird. Their decades of experience shows (and tastes!) in everything they do. It is done with care, flair and certainly according to a good set of rules. True craftmanship, if you ask me. Possibly one of the best hamburgers I have ever had.

Please come to Ost soon, Jim Block!

Watch HERE the video tour of Jim Block im Bikini!