A tiny museum in Volkspark Friedrichshain documenting the Revolution of 1848

March 1848 Revolution in Friedrichshain ParkFor a country that has seen, and suffered, many changes in its rich history, the Revolution of 1848 might have been the second most important event in its existence.
More than just a trivial fact; the events that led up to the Revolution showcased the red-black-gold banners that would become Germany’s national flag decades after that.

While the Revolution of 1848 is an affair way to extensive to be described in this mere blog post, as happens to be the case with every political event in old Europe, the tiny museum that is hidden in the lush Volkspark Friedrichshain makes a good effort in highlighting the Berliner part in the Revolution.IMG_6652

Free of charge and immersed in blissful silence, the shipping container-like structure is home to Berlin’s most overlooked museum, situated right next to the official burial site for the fallen in 1848. Although most of the content is in German, you will get a good understanding of the hopeless situation in March 1848, during which desperate measures were taken by the protesters, to repel the attacks of the royal Prussian army.

A perfect place to finish your walk in the beautiful park: truly worth the visit.

Friedhof der Märzgefallenen
Volkspark Friedrichshain (next to the hospital Vivantes Klinikum in Friedrichshain)
Opened daily from 10:00 – 18:00

März Revolution 1848 in BerlinThe sign in Volkspark FriedrichshainMarch 1848 Revolution site in Volkspark Friedrichshain