Mexican Restaurant Papalótl in Berlin: Real Mexican food

My friend and I were in the mood for something spicy. Something real. Something hard to find. Welcome to restaurant Papalótl!We were welcomed by the friendly staff of the restaurant in fluent German, English and.. Spanish. As we like to visit restaurants early during the week, we were given plenty of choice on where we wanted to sit. I reccommend the tables and chairs upstairs, as they are more comfortable than the bar stools downstairs.

Restaurant Papalótl in Prenzlauer Berg, BerlinThe menu might look a bit small at first sight, but every meal has its own, distinct character. Once you realize the variety in meals, the choice suddenly becomes a bit overwhelming: everything seems to be so finger-licking good! As my stomach is made out of concrete, I asked the waitress for a very spicy reccommendation. She suggested to try the Chili chicken filet with black beans and habanero sauce. My friend decided to go with the beef wraps, accompanied by folded taco’s with Gouda cheese inside.

I could not be more satisfied: the chicken had a strong, spicy flavour and the black beans were simply delicious: fatty structure with an earthy taste, embraced by a delicious dark sauce. I reccommend you to stir some habanero in the mix: it gives the black beans a whole different dimension!
The beef wraps didn’t stand a chance against the vicious attack of my friend, so I guess they must have tasted really good. As for the Gouda cheese taco’s, we felt that they tasted a bit bland – although our taste buds did need a breather after having to cope with the violence of so many spicy ingredients!

We felt that the portions could have been a bit bigger, as restaurant Papalótl isn’t cheap. Then again, the dinner was certainly worth the bill when it comes to the authenticity of the food – we have truly experienced a bit of Mexico tonight.

Belforterstrasse 22
10405 Berlin
Opened Tuesday till Sunday from 18:00 – 24:00