Restaurant Tauro: great ambience, mediocre food

To celebrate the kick off of our Christmas holidays, the company I work for has treated us to a dinner in Restaurant Tauro Berlin in the Pfefferberg complex in Prenzlauer Berg.

Salami, olives, some lettuce and a bit of cheese

Enter Tauro and you will enter a whole different world. Rusty orange tones are combined with bold blue, while the steam punk design adds to the feeling of arriving in quite a special restaurant. The lighting was perfect, the lay out was spacious and not cramped with tables and the staff was friendly and welcoming.

Unfortunately, that first impression did not set the tone for the rest of the evening. Arriving with a group of over 50 hungry people, we found ourselves wondering on the mother of all questions: why, oh why do restaurants always fail to put a few baskets of bread and garlic butter on the tables before a group arrives? It’s not like we barged into the joint unexpectedly.

My annoyance got tempered by choosing an 18 year old Glenfiddich from their colletion of fine whiskies. It kept me quiet until the arrival of the hors d’oeuvre, which seemed to take forever. And what a work of art we were presented… /sarcasm. The salami was bland, the olives had no distinct taste and the chunk of watermelon was tasteless. Needless to say, we had our hopes up for the main course, right? After all, you can’t go wrong with a rinderfilet! Right?? Guess what: you can..

Rinderfilet that could have used a lot more 'oomph'

The filet was okay. Not more than that. I could have get myself a better one by staying in. While the texture of the meat was actually really good, not too rare yet very tender, the taste was lacking any depth. Again, the curse of bland struck the chef for a second time that evening. Did they skimped on the seasoning? No amount of black pepper could save this slab of meat. The filet was accompanied by boring spinach and lukewarm potatoes. Had this plate been cooling off in queue for the last twenty minutes? Was it reheated? One can only wonder..

Their fabulous chocolate mousse creation prevented us from stirring a row. If only the chef in charge of the meat could take a lesson or two of the Chef de Patissier, we would have reccommended this fabulous looking restaurant dearly. But alas, I advice you to save your bucks and get a bigger bang for € 2,99 by buying a steak at your nearest Lidl or Aldi – as you will most likely do a better job than restaurant Tauro.

Schönhauser Allee 176
10119 Berlin