The Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park: DDR in all its splendor

Battle of Berlin memorial siteThirteen days. Think about that: it took the Soviet army almost two weeks to overtake Berlin, as they attacked the trapped Nazi’s from the North, the East and the South. Over 80.000 young soldiers were killed in the final battle for the Third Reich capital. The Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park is one of the three sites to commemorate the fallen: 5000 of the Soviet soldiers are buried here.

It is a site like no other: impressive, intimidating – sacred. Its brutalist architecture shows you the Soviet Union of the late 40′s, when Stalin reigned Russia and its satellite states with an iron fist. With East-Berlin as the official capital of the GDR, another vassal state of Russia, the Treptower Park offered the space and seclusion needed to create a memorial of this vast size.

Treptower Park in Berlin

The sixteen sarcophagi educate you about the gruesome Battle, in Russian and German and in pictures: man-sized reliefs tell the immaculate story of Russia’s victory, with its communist ideology as the glorious answer to any problem. The Soviet War Memorial is a grim site, even in the brightest summer sun. But is absolutely worth the detour, as it provides you with the best glimpse one can get into East-Berlin’s dark GDR history.

Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park
Situated in Treptower Park (Puschkin Allee)


Soviet Union hammer and sickle

Soviet War Memorial in Berlin

The sarcophagi tell the story of the Battle of Berlin