Spreewald: A day in the primeval forest near Berlin

Imagine you want to escape the city. You know, that feeling when Berlin is just suffocating you, despite its size and 3.5 million inhabitants? When the concreet gets to you and no park nor currywurststand can bring you relief? That’s when you take the RE2 train from Alexanderplatz to the Spreewald. Just an hour by train, your destination is Lübbenau (Spreewald). Attention: Don’t get out at Lübben – you want to get out at the next stop! From there, you walk down the Poststraße, cross the old market square, follow the Spreestraße and cross the steep, wooden bridge. There you are: in the middle of the wald – with not a single soul to be seen.

The trees stand proud and tall, while the canal meanders its way through the dense forest. Berlin feels so far away, so very far away. Follow the path: in about 30 minutes, it will take you to the Gaststätte Wotschofska. A charming bistro where one can enjoy a fine selection of local beers and the Brandenburger cuisine. From there, you can continue your journey in all wind directions. Make sure to bring a map with you, as the forest is huge and you can’t rely on your phone signal when walking in the middle of nowhere.

Attention bird spotters: there are plenty of wooden spotten towers placed along the many open fields. Be aware that the towers are made by amateurs: always check the stability before climbing that ladder! I nearly dropped out of one, as the backside of the seating area was not properly mounted. Below in the gallery you can find the route I walked: it was about 20 kilometres and I admit that I was too lazy to walk back. The hotel called me a little van. The Spreewald is big enough to enjoy an entire weekend, with many restaurants, museums and outdoor activities. Can’t wait to rent a canoe in Summer!