Tempelhofer Freiheit: sheer freedom

Built by the Nazi’s in 1939 to give a much needed boost to the aviation ambitions of Hitler’s Former Tempelhof Airfield in Berlinnew Germany, the Tempelhof Airport is a place with quite a sinister history. These days, as if to mock the Führer, the enormous field with two runways is an oasis of freedom; aptly named Tempelhofer Freiheit.

Space. Endless, uncompromised space. Lawns and runways stretched as far as the eye can see. Blue skies.
This is not the beginning of a haiku, rather it’s the only way to describe the airfield. Its renewed purpose in stark contrast with the intimidating terminal building, designed under supervision of Nazi architect Alexander Speer, makes you wonder how visible yet hidden a country’s gruesome history can be. And that is something every inhabitant, both native and foreigner, can be proud of.

Tempelhofer Freiheit
Opens at sunrise, closes at sunset


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