An evening of Terrazas wine tasting at La Terraza Marriott Berlin

Blessings from Bachus were bestowed upon us when we received an invitation to attend an evening of wine tasting at Argentinean restaurant La Terraza at the Marriott Hotel behind Potsdamer Platz.

Wine tasting at La Terraza BerlinAs my friend Christiane and I walked into the restaurant, we were greeted by Mr. Russ from Moët Henessy. The Terrazas wines are part of the Louis Vuitton Moët Henessy group, which meant that we were in for a real quality treat. To put it short: we were certainly not disappointed.

As we were escorted to a seculded part of the restaurant, a great fit for a private dinner with family or colleagues, we were treated to an extensive lecture by expert sommelier Mr. Gonzalo Carrasco about the diversity in background of the Terrazas Wines. It’s amazing how much difference the density of soil can make for a year’s harvest! After the introduction, Mr. Carrasco lead us through the course of wine tasting. Let’s get down to the review of the following three wines:

1. Malbec (2011): Can you ever go wrong with a Malbec? Not really, but there is a great variety in depth Terrazas de Los Andes in Berlinof taste between Malbecs from different houses. This one was a bit bland, no notable aftertaste nor any perceivable presence of a bouquet. Having this said, I do believe that it will work wonders when accompanying a simple taggliatella pasta, as it is certainly not a dominant wine. Easy on the tongue.

2. Single Vineyard – Las Compuertas (2009): A delicious fragrance of nuts, flowers, cream and young oak entered my nostrils: strong! A full, round taste rolled over my tastebuds. This is a wine that needs no companionship from cheeses or chocolate, but it would surely give such a partnership an extra boost of delight. Simply a delicious wine.

3. Cheval des Andes (2008): A tough nut to crack. Yes, she tastes really good. But she is also a pretty dominant one, tolerating no room for any type of food. She claims your mouth and leaves you with a long, lingering aftertaste. A real powerhouse of a wine, one that deserves its own moment of worship during one of those long, Berliner winter nights.

Kitchen of La Terraza in Marriott BerlinNothing makes me more hungry than an evening of wine tasting: it’s hard work, you know! Christiane and I were quite content with the announcement that we were cordially invited to find ourselves a place in the restaurant, to enjoy a piece of Argentinean delight. We both agreed that it is always a good thing when you are offered a view on the chefs in the kitchen.

The buffet was extensive: from filet to salmon, from salad to baked potatoe and more, so much more.We were impressed with the filet, and in particular with the French herb butter.

We left the restaurant more than satisfied, but not before we urged Mr. Russ to invite us for their Moët Hennessy event at the Berlin Fashion Week this summer! To be continued..

La Terraza at Marriot Hotel Berlin
Inge-Beisheim Platz-1 (near Potsdamer Platz)
U & S- Bahn Potsdamer Platz

Terrazas de Los Andes wines can be found in your better liquor and wine stores and in Kaufhaus Des Westen (KaDeWe).