Tierpark Friedrichsfelde: The real Zoo of Berlin

Hidden in the part of Ost where the average new-Berliner does not dare to set foot, Tierpark Friedrichsfelde was erected as a counterpart of the famous Berliner Zoo.
Decades after the fall of the Wall, the Tierpark still has that edgy feeling so typical for public grounds in the former DDR. But: It is a true delight for us amateur zoologists!

Spacious, grungy and a bit outdated – those words sum it all up. But don’t let the decaying facades fool you: they provide excellent housing for the more than 7000 inhabitants of the Zoo. From lions, wolves and bears to rare vultures, wild donkeys and Kaiser Monkeys: Tierpark houses them all. What really struck me was the variety of species. There are about 20 different apes and monkeys, four types of tigers and over 50 variations of parakeets and other feathered creatures. Cool fact: Tierpark Friedrichsfelde is the only Zoo in Europe that has a black jaguar. Looking strong and healthy, this feline predator is a sight to behold.

The pictures might give you the feeling as if it’s a worn down, depressive place: I am sure it will look very green, lush and maybe not so ossi by the time the trees have their leaves. Get there around 11:00 – you’ll get to see the elephants taking their baths and if you are lucky, you’ll be right in time to witness the feeding of the lions and tigers!

Tierpark Friedrichsfelde
Open daily 9:00 – 17:00
Entrance €12 for adults, €6 for children
Take the U5 from Alexanderplatz (Station: Tierpark)