Restaurant Wilhelm Tell in Neukölln: The average Wiener Schnitzel

My friends Christiane and Thomas from Foodhunter & Feinschmeckerei invited me to join them last night to review the new restaurant Wilhelm Tell in Neukölln. Never one to turn down a culinary invitation, I raced all the way to Neukölln right after work. I am not that familiar with this bezirk, so it took me quite a while to actually find my destination. How did we manage ten years ago, without Google Maps on our iPhones?

Restaurant Wilhelm Tell in Neukölln I was met with confusion regarding our reservation. Did we really book a table? And where would we like to be seated? Oh well – let’s not get too picky here. She told me she was new on the job, so no hard feelings. We all know what a first day feels like! She sat me in a cozy corner, next to the bar and behind a big window. Perfect. I love to look at the people passing by, wondering where they are heading for, what is on their mind… Not much time to daydream, as Christiane and Thomas looked right back at me from the sidewalk: the gesellschaft was complete!

Christiane ordered a beer, Thomas a wine and I went for a double Glenlivet. The waitress came back with an apfelschorle, a typical German mixture of appel juice and sparkling water. Again, apologies. Again, not a big deal. We were handed the menu shortly after our toast, although the word menu might be a bit of an overstatement here. It was nothing more than a few loose sheets of paper, looking a bit jagged and pinched. The complementary bread and garlic butter would have been a nice gesture, had the butter not been hard as a rock. It had no taste. This is the biggest turn-off possible, and so easy to avoid: make tasty butter and take it out of the cooler three hours before you will actually serve it!

Christiane and I went for the Wiener Schnitzel, while Thomas choose something sausage-like.An average Wiener Schnitzel

The Wiener Schnitzel was average. That’s really all I can say about it. Nothing to get excited about.  Nothing special. Just.. average.
The typical Austrian kartoffelsalat tasted very bland. It lacked salt, peper, seasoning: how can you go wrong with a potato salad??
Thomas’ meal lacked a few pinches of salt as well, while the sausage tasted okay.

I don’t enjoy writing bad critics, I really don’t. But restaurant Wilhelm Tell could not convince us yesterday evening. Not at all. Maybe it needs a while to get the fire burning? I should like to find that out in a few months, as the restaurant has a really nice vibe to it, with its Berlin chic interior. Better luck next time!

Restaurant Wilhelm Tell in Schiller Bar
Herrfurthstrasse 7
12049 Berlin
Open daily from 12:00 – 23:00